Wednesday and Enid Growing Up! The Sad Story of Wednesday Addams and Barbie (2023)


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Do you think Wednesday Addams and Barbie could be friends in real life? We are sure they could!

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It's that loser, Barbie again, with her ugly glasses, leave me alone, you're a loser.

Anyway, why are they picking on me? I wish I had a friend to stand up for me.

You guys meet our new student, it's, Wednesday, hi.

Here are the biggest bullies.

Take a seat Wednesday next to me, I'll pass this one's free Over.


Dead Body is this seat taken my I wouldn't do that if I were you that's, what I do ouch it hurts.

Thank you.

Bestie it's forever.

Evil is defeated.


I mean, no are you even listening? I'd love to.

Thank you.

Hold on.

It was in my purse.

Somewhere there give me some time and it'll be ready for our friendship, necklaces, Wednesday and Barbie are best friends for life.

Thanks Barbie.

I've never had a friend like you.

Wow, Barbie.

What's up with you drop dead.


Go shoot your shot.

Look at me, look he's, he's way out of my league, keep your chin up.

Barbie, I have an idea.

Some popcorn popcorn, how come I'll pass? Whatever the story is fascinating enough.

Munching are you listening to me? Of course, go on Barbie, where are you bestie? Why are you in a locker? See? The bullies are torturing me again, stop falling.

Barbie, hey, you creeped look down what my piranhas what's there.

Look at them sir now I've never been into fish.

Wednesday I.

Owe you one.

The class is on, why are you late? Take your seats? Okay, Miss.



Do we have a volunteer me me Wednesday come up to the Blackboard.

Bad luck.

Good thing.

I have some explosive stuff.

No Wednesday don't.

Do that think of something here comes the right answer.

Pink ly.

Not is black Vines, it's, correct.

Well, done Wednesday.

Miss Molly is excited, brilliant student, yes, Steve.

We will give you a makeover.

Let's start with your style.

Black are you sure it will work on me? Fine, try it on cue? Do it for me? Would you do my makeup Pink's, not good, whatever the crazy things you do for your friends? Nope.

Thank you.


What do we do about the hair I have an idea? This is not gonna end.


Thank you bestie.

There is something else, hey, I'm about to work some magic using paper, a chip can and a balloon.

What is this trash you're, not much of an art person? So this is what I've made what is it? Decorated, trash, it's, a party cracker.

Let me show you Barbie looks bomb.

What is this music? Hey, what is this song? Give it back? My story has a different soundtrack.

What on Earth is this, oh sorry, carry on look to you.


My phone.



Beautiful, hey, Ken, I'm, Barbie, wow.

That was love at first sight.

And just like that.

My bestie is finally dating someone but shh, what top should I wear black or black, definitely what do you mean this one or this hold on a sack this here can hear you much better, hi close your eyes, I.

Am so into surprises.

Thank you.

Wednesday I've, been dreaming of a movie date with Ken for ages, Barbie, hey, hen, all right.

Her friendship is over Barbie water under the bridge again, are you gonna make it to Barbie's party? Yeah, awesome a party.

This is my invite Barbies birthday, bash and I'm.

Not on the guest list, I guess I'll surprise.

Barbie, Wednesday are you all right want to have some water to cool down? Take it easy.

Go on this party is amazing yes, oh yeah.


What is there blue shoes? So tacky next Barbie purse, you couldn't find anything better.


What is this huge gift want to open the box Ken kind of struggling here? I can't, untie it, hi Ken.

Did you break the gift what's this huge thing? What is it dumb? You have to be to give a coffin as a gift cheer up Barbie it's, just a joke surprise, Happy, Birthday, Barbie, what's wrong with you what a freak a loser at a party, bestie you're, humiliating me.

In that case we are not friends anymore.

I hope everyone knows you are fake foreign.

You know, what Barbie Happy birthday the party's over now I'm going to turn everyone into Wednesday.

No one will pick on me ever again.

This is for you let's let's friends, instead that's adorable I will turn you into my clone and I'll make friendship bracelets for us pink for me and black for you.



My favorite color, it's, the real Wednesday it's me, it's me, no on Wednesday.

No I.

Am no it's me.

Boy, what if you have to go? No one will get in here for sure I'll make sure of it a new room.

This place is lovely, hi.

Do you have any room? Decoration ideas yet I have a ton I'm, not listening to you let's repaint.

The walls beige someone's, a chatterbox, no, no don't do that.

Why did you divide the room? It doesn't make sense.

This shade will work it's, not even close to Peach done a shelf.


Guess what a meanie and I'll decorate the Shelf with my favorite stuff, a black vase, typical it's, not like you had to divide the room what's, not to like about Peach.


Time to put the bed together Wednesday would you help? Nah, of course, I'll, ask someone else, hey, neighbor.

Could you help me? Hello? She doesn't even see me, Visa size will get you nowhere? You guys? Can you help me? Hello talking to you lost cause? What Wednesday is all set Sun, Fair, wow.

What if I get mad a little more awesome? Interesting nothing makes a room pop like a flock of bats marvelous results, adding some lights, no peeking, ready.

How did she pull that off I also want to decorate my half of the room cool? A lot of it I'm all tangled up? Oh, ghost.


Am so scared believe it are ghosts real I.

Did it on my own without any help time to decorate this wall is crying out for a shell, how do I place it? Though thing? What is that you want to help me? I don't, mind, keep it straight.

I need a second missed.



You are horrified.

Poor thing.

I will give you a relaxing massage, I hate it.

When things don't work out stupid shelves lucky, me 10 points, excellent shot, what a masterpiece of a wall.

You can decorate a wall just as well here are my vintage photos.


Remember it as if it was yesterday.

Look over here.

Watch for the birdie.

Did it work? This is outstanding, what I shouldn't have remembered this, but I don't have other photos thing.

What are you trying to say, Wednesday, doesn't, even have a desk? Good point.

We'll order a gift for her online all we gotta do is wait for it to get delivered here are the packages I'll.

Take them.


So heavy I, can't, do it on my own I need help thing nice? Try wait up I figured something out what's that could you help me pretty pretties goodie, fine, you know, after all, could you help me bring the boxes in no problem? How'd? She do that let's see the table over here.

The chair right here, it's.

So white I know how to fix it, though what bud want to help me.

Thanks, a bunch.



This place is so pretty.

And this chair is awesome.

I'll order furniture from the same place.

The internet is too slow, Bing, wanna help move whatever you say, whoa thing.

So much noise.

Now I, see, you are a jack of all trades much obliged thing is still off duh and ottoman it's.

So pretty candles to make a cozy Vibe right away now.

Wednesday, that's.

It a little more off Target I'll, try to throw it higher.

Wednesday I can help what's.

Her plan fingers crossed the upstairs neighbors.


Mind a hole in their kitchen floor.

Buddy is that you here are more chains that was a great idea.

All we gotta do.

Now is add tools, I, dig that let's see what's left in the Box.

Why are you? What are you saying, that's, a nice, Fab rag, a nightmare.

So what do I do with it? I know, fabulous? And the flower will be right here.


This sound a typewriter thing.

What are you doing a surprise behind me? But where over there? This is my dream lamp.

Thank you.

Now I can finally keep working on my novel, dang.

What happened you have nowhere to live my backpack is on the floor, settle in you're doing well, dang I have something for you come over here.

You you look so cute, they're, really, Suits, You need something special to make my room stand out.

Oh, in the neighbor's closet, a bed sheet, a pillow.

So cute.

What else is there a sock it's dirty? A pillow goes on the bed.

And the bed sheet will turn into a canopy.

It came out, wonderful, it's, good to sleep on now who would have thought that ghosts snore so badly, no way, I'm falling asleep, I guess I'll make another pillow.

Turns out it's, pretty easy.

The pillow is ready.

I'll, put it right on my bed.

No peeking got a surprise, ready? A photo of us.

But you got it all mixed up.

My site is black.

You are so hard to please girls.

Don't fight your guardian angel, brought you parents brains, a pitch for both buddy for you and you.

And some for me, look whoops, geez there's, a little left at the bottom, turning on what was that what lucky and unlucky a little makeup won't hurt.

Nobody nice.

How did she do that? I also want it? Good where's.

My lipstick, oh man, it's, broken time for my hair, I'm, good to go Claire your hair.

Why is that Claire I'm seeing things Colin? You are so wonderful bit cold, Colin, I, miss, you I.

Hope, my message reaches you.

Thank you.


A love note from Mary.

You lucked out here, too fine.

Fly whoops is it for me? No way.

Oh, Claire.

I love, you too guys.

Let me take a picture of you ready? Smile, clear, doesn't.

Look, good.


Try again, fine now it's gonna turn out nice.

Well, you can keep it now.

I have a picture with Colin Mary we're, taking a test tomorrow are you ready? I still have time after you'll be lucky as always I'll also get a high grade I, just need to study Claire, pulled an all-nighter to prep a b, a I'm also I'm all set.



First, oh, no.

The paper is stuck to the desk.

Oh Claire, I'm done.

No, no I.


First here, check my test, what all right? Congrats, it's.


Yeah, yay.

My foot get out.


Am so sorry, hmm.

I hope, I dream about my crush does she think she will see Colin in her dream? I have a better idea.

Colin, it's you so amazing, oh, what? What is she smiling about I'll? Keep the picture and I hope I dream about Colin mask off what a nightmare, which dentist should I go for this one or this one I'll, choose first.

Okay? Okay.


Wait, hi.


The doctors are nice here, oh, a new patient.

Come on in what are you waiting for don't worry? Oh, no, sis.

How are you doing? He pulled it too I, got braces and a chocolate bar Colin is a very popular tick, tocker I'll, film, a tick, tock, too and you'll.

Notice me for sure watch this.

The camera is on I'm shooting and meanwhile, I'll have a snack.

So good Tick Tock is pretty complicated.

I could eat all day long, that's.

It I'm.

Exhausted, let's, see what I got banned? Why Mary it's amazing, you should make more tick tocks.

So unfair Colin can stay here for now.

What are you up to look reload and Fire? What check this out a heart? How if you can do it I can too aiming and fire whoops Claire? Why would you do that that was awkward I need a textbook, not this one and not this, where is it all right? I'll? Find you anyway, wow, I won't, get through here.

I know, hey, Colin Mary what's up, oh Colin.

Sweetie there.

It is found it Colin help me get that book over there.

This one here you go.

Thank you.

What I won't let it happen.


Would you help me get a book too, which one that one on the top shelf, I'll try too high whoops I only needed one book, I'm, sorry, stupid books, oh you're.

The one I need wrong wrong.

Oh, hi Colin, hi, oh, Colin.

Hi whoops.

No I'm.

So bored, this is how Alexander the Great took over Greece that's it for today.

Oh interesting Colin is gone.

I'll, leave a left note for him.

No no way I'll be the one who leaves a message for him, a heart, whoa, it's for me.


So nice of you a heart so cute who drew it it's, Claire, oh I, see at least marker comes off.

Oh, no, what you're new.

So you need a tour.

This is our classroom, you'll love it here.

No way you're asking for it Colin.

The door is stuck.

I think we're trapped in here.

Five stop.

Nice job.


You learned your lesson I'm proud of you, no more lucky or unlucky May.

Everything go back to normal I was never here.

What just happened I'm so confused.


Does Wednesday Addams care about Enid? ›

As their beautiful friendship grows, their immensely different personalities no longer become a conflict between them, but begin to compliment one another. They balance one another, as Wednesday gives Enid a much-needed reality check and grounds her, while Enid brings a little happiness and hope into Wednesday's life.

How old is Wednesday Addams? ›

Wednesday Addams is a typically young girl (in the original series, she is about six, in the two original movies and animated movies, she is 13, in the Netflix series, she is 15 and 16) who is obsessed with death and is described as brilliant, with a penchant for doing odd scientific experiments.

Why was Wednesday named Wednesday? ›

The name is a calque of the Latin dies Mercurii 'day of Mercury', reflecting the fact that the Germanic god Woden (Wodanaz or Odin) during the Roman era was interpreted as "Germanic Mercury". The Latin name dates to the late 2nd or early 3rd century.

What is Wednesday Addams personality? ›

Wednesday Adams exhibits several characteristics of the "dark triad" of personality traits. For example, she displays narcissistic tendencies, such as a sense of entitlement and an inflated sense of self-importance. She also exhibits Machiavellianism, or a tendency to manipulate others for her benefit.

Why is Wednesday hugged Enid? ›

Enid had gone through her first werewolf transformation and fought to save her friends. After such a big event, Enid hugged Wednesday, who finally reciprocated.

Why was Enid angry at Wednesday? ›

She is angry that Wednesday tricked her and nearly got her killed. She leaves the room and tells Wednesday to enjoy being alone.

How old is Wednesday from Wednesday? ›

Wednesday Addams celebrates her 16th birthday during the events of the show. In real life, Jenna Ortega is 20. Ortega plays the lead character on Netflix's hit series about the Addams' oldest child as she gets sent to the Nevermore Academy for monsters and outcasts.

How old was Wednesday when she died? ›

She was 64. Her death, in a hospital, was confirmed by her daughter Vanessa Callies Dominguez, who said Ms. Loring had been removed from a ventilator after a stroke. Ms.

How old is Enid Wednesday? ›

Emma Myers, who plays Enid, is also 20. She and Jenna Ortega are the same age in real life and their characters are both 16 in the show.

Why does Wednesday Addams not blink? ›

The idea came about after they tried one take where Jenna didn't blink, and it left Tim Burton inspired. Netflix's official account on Twitter revealed: “After trying one take where she didn't blink, Tim Burton was so enamoured with the result he told Jenna Ortega not to blink anymore when playing Wednesday.

What does Wednesday's dad call her? ›

Even her father Gomez's pet names for her such as “my little death trap” and “my little storm cloud” highlight her family's impression of her persona. Wednesday is recognizably odd by other students at Nevermore too, being called a psychopath on her first day.

Who is the villain in Wednesday? ›

Laurel Gates, known by her alias Marilyn Thornhill, is the main antagonist of the first season of the 2022 Netflix TV show Wednesday. She and her family were the descendants of early 17th-century Pilgrims and Jericho founder Joseph Crackstone and were born into great wealth.

What is Wednesday's weakness? ›

Wednesday is Unable to Control her psychic ability

Wednesday has no control over her psychic ability, which means she runs the risk of losing her mind or getting injured by the enemy while trapped in her vision. She is often at her weakest when her powers take control.

What is Enid's personality type? ›

As an ESFP, Enid is exceptionally observant of her environment and she is able to notice subtle changes in social situations. Partly as a result of this, ESFPs have strong social skills and they know how to charm people.

What zodiac is Wednesday Addams? ›

It's really no surprise that Wednesday, the spooky queen of the franchise, is a Scorpio with a dark side. She's secretive, imaginative and has sadistic tendencies, like a Scorpio on the hunt for revenge.

Is Wednesday Addams for 13 year old? ›

Wednesday is rated TV-14 for violence, fear, and profanity, which means it may not be suitable for children under 14 years old.

When was Wednesday Addams born? ›

Wednesday Addams originates in comics that first appeared in 1938 by New Yorker cartoonist Charles Addams.

How old is The Addams Family? ›

The Addams Family started off as a string of comic panels for the New Yorker back in 1938 created by Charles Addams, but most people know them from their 1960s television series.

How old is Gomez Addams? ›

Gomez Addams, Stage Age: 35-55, Vocal Range: Bb2 - G4 A suave man of Spanish descent who adores his wife and children and takes immense pride in being an Addams. Gomez finds himself trapped between his daughter and his wife, being forced to hide Wednesday's big secret from Morticia.

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