I'M A PRO PING-PONG PLAYER! (Eleven: Table Tennis VR) (2023)


I played ping pong in VR and it was AWESOME. Minus the fact that my opponent literally wouldn't return the ball... Hope you guys like this video! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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Hello, welcome to another via video, it's it's, been a while that's, my opponent I'm playing I'm playing ping pong and that's.

My opponent he's just chilling on the couch.


So I've.

Never played this game.

It's called 11 table.

Tennis VR, I think I might have just butchered the name of that, but I'm a huge fan of ping pong in real life.

So I thought, it'd be really fun to play it in VR.

Would you what what is this? So I open the game? And this is this is what I see immediately.

So I guess I.

Guess I just start playing.

How do I just pick this up? I came here? Go here goes nothing.


Guess, oh he's coming down.

Oh really, you're that bad.

A my plan like the most beginner person of all time do I go again, oh you see that did you see that return it's still bouncing, oh, we're, not even playing a game right now.

We're, just like warming up, I.

Guess? Okay, amateur semi-pro professional world class or legendary I'm, no amateur so I, just Sydney.


Let's see, okay, see let's.

See how hard this is.


I can do this I'm that you're a you're.

A semi-pro are you kidding? Me? Okay, I'll surf again, dude.

Hell are you this? Bad? Oh he's.

Going he's.

Good, oh, he's, pretty good a servant, though you cannot return a ball to save your life you floating it object.

Man, it was that at legit sir does that count you're awful, no offense, no offense, but you're, awful.


We're like really bad.

Does it go to ten I? Don't know what it goes to? Okay, obviously semi-pro is too easy.


What okay.

I can do this? Well, whoa, that was a good return.

I'm on fire.


Okay, that's, right.

That's, right? This isn't even ping-pong.

This is just someone serving over and over again, whoa, that was awesome.

That was really bad.


His history.

Oh, come on.


That was a really good serve.

He could not return at all I.

Think, this is game point.

Maybe not I don't know what ping pong goes to 11.

It goes to 11.


That was the easiest thing I've ever done.

You can watch a replay? Oh, whoa.

This is awesome check this out, dude, oh my gosh.

That was the worst thing ever.

Oh, yeah.


That was the worst replay of all time.


So obviously that was the easiest thing ever so I need to I need to up the difficulty.

I think let's do professional.

Maybe professional is easier.

I mean, harder, I, don't need it to be easier.

Studio debt, whoa, can I like change the environment.

What is it desert? We're in the desert? This is amazing, hey, voltar's.

Okay, I'm so down to play ping-pong here.

Imagine if this existed in real life, all right professional here we go.

No, dear I, always do that how how are these guys professionals? Dude, okay, this is I'm, not even doing it.

I'm forfeiting, oh, wow.

These we're playing I'm, forfeiting because he's so bad, let's, just do legendary let's.

See what legendary is like, oh, my gosh, how how do you not? How do you not hit things? Easy? Easiest game of all time? Oh, whoa.



Faking me out.


Easy, dude, you were no match.

Okay, he's a little bit of a match I wish I could like change my avatar.

I want to like I know, be scooby-doo or something.


This is easy, it's still easy.

And this is sticking legendary, maybe maybe I'm just so good at ping pong in real life.

This isn't, even oh, holy.


How come he can serve like the craziest person of all time? Now, oh, okay, oh that didn't count that did not count I was like are you kidding? Yes, oh you see that vultures.

We just returned.

One that's all I'm asking just return one, oh, dude that thing would be better.

Hey, I, didn't know, we were going he's.

Okay, he's the greatest server alive, but can't return a ball that goes like that.

See? Watch watch.


That was a bad example.

Oh 8 to 6, dude, yeah, that's.

What I'm talking about, oh, I got scared because I thought I was gonna hit my hip on the table.

What that was totally a return Hey, oh, my gosh.


Gonna win.

Are you kidding? Me cuz? He can't return.

Nothing taking him out there.

We go one more point.

Oh, no, no, oh, my gosh, 10 to 10 are you serious? Well, he won't return this.

Alright, get, whoa.


Not the end I won I.

Won I don't know how it won.

Dude that was that was crazy.

I wished they would return the ball, though, you know, I want to like volley, maybe, uh, maybe a mini game waves.

I don't know what this is what that's scared.

The heck out of me.


Am I just hitting? Oh it's like training.

This is like trick, but you stop would you stop? Hey, that was awful let's, retry it.

But I want to I want to do differently.

Oh, I'm gonna do a different landscape.

Okay, I'm.

Not even plan.

I'm, not let's do winter.

What does winter look like Wow, sweet house.

Okay, what am I doing I'm doing a mini game waves? All right? I'm gonna beat my high score now that I know I have what to expect? Oh, you are no match.

You are no match.

This is easy.

These guys are better opponents than the opponents.

You know, I'm just backhanding every oh, gosh, I'm, just back hitting everything even that one, oh I.

Did, oh my gosh.

Well, I definitely am beating my other sport, dang it.

Well, that is a that is definitely a better high score than the last one.

Okay, let's.

Try another minigame quadrants.

Oh I have to hit them.

Hey, hey, I.

Did the thing? Wow, I'm really.




Great I.

Can do it? Hey, dude, I'm, not know how to play this game anymore.

There we go.

Oh, gosh.

That is hard.

Oh, no.

Ryan I'm on a roll.

I'm gonna roll there, dude are you seeing this I'm? A pro I can do better? This is addicted.

This is actually really addicting.

Yep, nope.

What happens if you get it in the center center like I, just did twice in a row? No I was doing so good there.

We go I'm back I'm back baby, oh, I'm, not that that was better that was way better.

Alright, what's.

Next targets.

Oh, my gosh, I know what this is it's so hard, Oh, No, hey, what direct hit it directly? How how would you ever? Do that he like he like lobs Amit, you got a, you know, okay, I can do it I? Can do it? Oh, whoa, like backspin works.



Oh my gosh.

Well, that was that one? Sorry, I can do this I know, maybe if I stand, oh, gosh, yes, oh, it was like a drunk that was close now down was close and Naples spectator camera.

What is what is that? Oh, well, it's like a different camera angle for you guys? Okay? Well, I'm gonna win this mini game.

Then at this angle is this better I, don't know if this dude, yes, no, oh, my gosh.

Come on Oh, was that better I don't know, if that camera angles better, probably not, but look at me, hey, everyone.

How are you okay? Returns practice.

What is this? We didn't? Hang on I need a different landscape.

Avoid, whoa.

What if you're flying an airplane and you looked at the window and this was happening here we go here.

We go.

I'm, ready.



Do it I? Don't think I did it is this just, oh I think I can play this for evidence.

Why do I need practice for this? If all the legendary players can't even return the ball to me? Okay, this is boring.

What is all this speed just make that go all the way up? Alright, no problem.

Oh, my, gosh, dude.

This is impossible check this out though, hey, hit me square in the face all right, I'm gonna play a legendary player in the sky.

I'm gonna win I'm gonna way to easily check this out don't you.

This is dude, it's so easy like it's, I, don't know, why I don't know either the best servers of all time, but they can't return.

The ball see like return that make up come on I'm just too good I'm.

Obviously just you're good.

You know, okay, will you return this one? Please he did even try bet he's.

The best server of all time just I would've ollie, I want to I'm gonna go back and forth.



This is embarrassing for you.

See? How? Embarrassing that was? Whoa, oh, okay.

Hey, I'm coming over there.

What that's that's right? That's? Right? Oh, you're playing like that.

Now that's right he's on the table.

You are on the table 10:00 to 7:00 I, got this that's right? 7-Eleven? Okay, I'm gonna put it in free hit mode like this and I'm, just gonna see if we can volley back and forth for a while here we go.

Milas can no okay.



All I.

Want is a good volley.


All I.

Want is a good volatile.

What what are you doing all right last right? You're, awful, maybe I'm just too.

Good can I walk.



This is fun.

This is a very fun.

Ping pong, VR game, but I think I'm, just maybe I'm just too good at it.

I, don't know, the AI like doesn't play with you.

You just kind of win.

So maybe I should play some multiplayer, I know, JP lows, ping pong, maybe didn't get him to play me in this, but I.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video.

You guys have been asking for VR videos, more often.

So here you go.

This is uncomfortable by the way if you guys liked it, give it a thumbs up and do subscribe button click, the notification bell to never miss an upload and I have a skateboarding channel that you can click the card right there to go check out and that's.

It that's all I gotta say, I'm, I'm out of here, I'm plugged in.


What is the ping compensation in eleven? ›

Ping Compensation

Currently with ping, the ball may appear to pass your opponent and later teleport to their bat when the information of their hit is relayed to you, the effect of which increases with more ping.

How many people play eleven ping pong? ›

Eleven Table Tennis
MonthAvg. Players% Gain
January 202144.7+18.86%
December 202037.6+42.84%
November 202026.3+59.82%
October 202016.5+17.69%
81 more rows

Can you play doubles in Eleven table tennis VR? ›

Eleven Table Tennis teased the newest version of Meta's avatars coming in an update 'very' soon by showcasing them in an experimental doubles game. The tweet, embedded below, shows an informal doubles game played in a free hit mode of ElevenVR.

How do you play table tennis as a pro? ›

9 Table Tennis Tips and Tricks you should know
  1. Mix up serves of different length and spin. ...
  2. Develop a third-ball attack. ...
  3. Attack whenever you can, primarily on a long serve. ...
  4. Keep your eyes mostly on the opponent's paddle when receiving a serve. ...
  5. Mix up your returns when receiving. ...
  6. Choose your equipment wisely.

How bad is 100ms ping? ›

Ping amounts of 100 ms and below are average for most broadband connections. In gaming, any amounts below a ping of 20 ms are considered exceptional and “low ping,” amounts between 50 ms and 100 ms range from very good to average, while a ping of 150 ms or more is less desirable and deemed “high ping.”

What is a good average ping time? ›

A ping rate over 150 milliseconds (ms) will generate noticeable lag, and this will definitely affect gameplay, graphics, and an ability to stream watchable content to Twitch. Anything less than that should be ok. A ping rate under 50 ms is fantastic and is desirable for professional gamers.

What race plays ping pong the most? ›

China traditionally dominates the matches — Chinese players have taken home 28 of the 32 Olympic gold medals for table tennis to date.

How long does a ping pong game to 11 last? ›

A table tennis game lasts until the first team reaches 11 points and leads by at least two points. This typically takes around six minutes to complete.

What country has the most ping pong players? ›

The country has shown dominance in the sport since the 1996 Olympics. It is a well-known fact that the Olympic powerhouse China is the king of Table Tennis. There is nothing new which can be written about China's dominance in Table Tennis, also called 'Ping Pong'.

Is it allowed to spin in table tennis? ›

Service motions are very different from player to player, but the goal is always to impart a controlled amount of spin and to place the ball accurately. The spin can be topspin or underspin, each with varying degrees of sidespin, it is also possible to hit a serve with no spin.

Is VR tennis good? ›

The overall tennis gameplay is satisfying and polished, with convincing physics that makes every swing and hit feel authentic. You can do top spins and backspins, and they act the way you'd expect them to. While I'm no tennis expert, Tennis League VR felt pretty convincing to me.

How hard is it to go pro in ping pong? ›

Being a table tennis pro is very hard work and doing the same routine of training for hours on end every day for 10+ years is mentally and physically draining.

Do table tennis players get paid? ›

Making Money From Table Tennis. Perhaps the most likely way to make money from table tennis is not winning at tournaments. If you are a well-known player then you could vie for sponsorships. Most famous table tennis brands such as Butterfly, Tibhar, and Stiga offer player sponsorships.

What do pro table tennis players make? ›

How Much Do Professional Ping Pong Jobs Pay per Year? $37,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $133,000 is the 75th percentile.

Is 2000 ms ping bad? ›

What is considered high ping? Generally, a ping of below 20 ms (milliseconds) is considered excellent, between around 40 to 50 ms is great, around 80 to 120 ms is fairly good, and 150 ms and up is considered high. Most people would consider a ping of above 250 ms to be unplayable, especially in competitive games.

Is a ping of 0 good? ›

Is a Zero Ping Possible? Achieving the lowest ping possible is ideal for using the internet. As such, a zero ping is the perfect scenario. This means that our computer was communicating instantly with a remote server.

Is a ping of 12 good? ›

A ping of up to 100 ms is considered average for most connections. A ping of 50 ms and below is considered very good and deemed “low ping,” with 25 ms and 20 ms being considered ideal for video conferencing and gaming. A ping of 150 ms or more is considered slow and deemed “high ping.”

Is a ping of 40 bad? ›

A good ping speed for gamers is approximately 40ms – 60ms. With toob you can expect to see your ping anywhere between 3 – 6 milliseconds (that's way lower than average!). You can use tools like speedtest.net to test your ping and make sure it's within an acceptable range.

Why is my ping low but still lag? ›

If your ping and latency are sitting at reasonable levels and you are still experiencing lag, you may just have an unstable connection. This is where your device is disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet and causing something called 'packet loss'.

What is the lowest ping time? ›

What's a good ping speed for gaming?
  • Professional ping: 10ms (0.01 seconds) ...
  • Pretty decent ping: under 20ms (0.02 seconds) ...
  • Perfectly average ping: 20ms-50ms (0.02-0.05 seconds) ...
  • Poor ping: 50ms-100ms (0.05-0.1 seconds) ...
  • Unplayable ping: 100ms-300ms (0.1-0.3 seconds)
Nov 22, 2022

Is ping pong in the Olympics? ›

Participants compete in both men and women's singles and doubles events. In Olympic history, the table tennis medals have been dominated by athletes from China.

Why do Americans call it ping pong? ›

Though it is excluded from official terminology, this name is very popular today. It notably originates from the onomatopoeic sound of the ball that appeared in the Far East in 1884: 'ping' is imitative of the sound of a bat striking a ball and 'pong' equates to the sound of the bounce on the table.

Is table tennis a good sport? ›

Table tennis is an excellent way to get fit and stay in shape. Not only does it give you a full-body workout, but it also helps improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. This means that playing table tennis can help improve your strength, stamina, agility and speed—essential skills for any athlete.

What are 5 rules of ping pong? ›

Official Rules of Table Tennis

What is the best age ping pong? ›

Table tennis can be played by kids aged 4 and up provided that appropriate equipment is used.

Is table tennis 11 or 21 points? ›

According to the laws of table tennis, a player can win a game of table tennis by scoring 11 points - with one point awarded for every infringement. Every player gets to serve twice in a row. The first to 11 points is declared the winner.

Is ping pong British or American? ›

Table tennis
First played19th century, England, United Kingdom
Team membersSingles or doubles
TypeRacquet sport, indoor
7 more rows

Is ping pong a Chinese sport? ›

Although its name may sound Chinese, the sport of table tennis (ping pong, Pīngpāng qiú, 乒乓球) did not originate in China; invented as an after-dinner diversion in late-19th century England, it made its way into China through the Western settlements via Japan and Korea only in 1901.

How popular is ping pong in the US? ›

More than 20 million Americans already play annually. But the biggest challenge is table tennis isn't seen as a professional sport like golf or tennis in the US,” says O'Neill, who started playing at the age of eight and represented the US at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics.

What are 3 rules in table tennis? ›

1) Hold the ball on your palm, above the table, and behind the end line. 2) Throw it up vertically at least 16cm. 3) Hit the ball so that it bounces once on your side, clears the net, then bounces on your opponent's side.

Why can't you wear white in table tennis? ›

Regarding dress codes, the rules for table tennis are very different from those in tennis. Players are instructed not to wear white when competing nationally or internationally. The reason behind this is that in many instances, the ball is white, and players cannot see it if their clothing is the same color.

What serves are illegal in ping pong? ›

What is an illegal serve in table tennis? There are many types of illegal services: quick-serve, hidden serve, low toss serve, back toss serve, over-the-table serve, bad-manner services, etc.

How many calories does VR tennis burn? ›

Bagley says participants burned roughly 7.6 to 12.69 calories per minute, which is similar to the amount of calories you'd burn playing tennis in real life.

Is VR enough exercise? ›

Just like with any exercise that activates your body, you can lose weight with VR too. There are those fun games like Beat Saber and Creed that may help you with losing weight, but if you want the real thing, you really should try HOLOFIT. Still, make sure your diet plan accompanies you on your way to fitness!

Is Wimbledon in VR? ›

We produced original VR content to give a brief history of Wimbledon which then blends through to the magical 360 degree footage of the Championships themselves, culminating in Andy Murray raising the trophy.

Can you hit down in table tennis? ›

In table tennis, also known by the brand name Ping-Pong, volleying is not generally allowed. A volley is the flight of the ball before it hits the ground or table.

Is table tennis one of the hardest sports? ›

Ping pong, one of the most complete sports

For NASA, table tennis is the most complicated sport in existence. It's not just about passing the ball back and forth. It also requires great visual acuity, mental agility, great reflexes and quick feet and hand movements.

What is the average age pro table tennis player? ›

The physical peak is usually around 25 and most top players hit theirs at around 23-27, depending on how mentally strong they are.

Is table tennis a cheap sport? ›

Table tennis is a cheap sport compared to many others. And it does not require much space.

Who is the No 1 table tennis player? ›

Template:Current ITTF Men's World Ranking
ITTF Men's World Ranking, as of 21 March 2023
1Fan Zhendong ( CHN )9,700
2Ma Long ( CHN )5,800
3Wang Chuqin ( CHN )4,955
17 more rows

Who is the best TT player in the world? ›

Men's Singles
Men's Singles 2022 Week #46 RankMen's Singles 2022 Week #46 NameCountry
1FAN ZhendongCHN
16 more rows

Do pro tennis players pay their own expenses? ›

In tennis, players are independent contractors and can incur costs anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 a year to play professionally if they field a full support team (including a coach and trainer). Even if they go it alone, expenses typically range from $40,000 to $100,000.

What is the prize money for table tennis? ›

According to tabletennischicago.com, world-class players can earn between $3,000 and $35,000 per win.

Is table tennis player an athlete? ›

It's not just a recreational pastime or a humorous Hollywood reference—it's actually a competitive Olympic sport. It's also not easy, not by any stretch. Table tennis, in truth, requires serious skill and athleticism to master, and in turn offers real physical and mental benefits.

What is ping compensation? ›

"what is ping compensation" currently, ping compensation is a tool which helps alleviate some issue related to latency. The way it works right now is that, when you hit the ball, in multiplayer, the render time rate of your ball slows down based on your ping compensation settings. 20 = 20% slower.

What does ping equate to? ›

Here, ping measures the time it takes for a tiny data packet to leave your device, travel to a server and for a response to come back. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping, the more responsive your connection is, the faster it feels and the better your online experience.

Is a ping of 11 ms good? ›

A good ping speed typically ranges between 10-20ms for professional gamers. Although a perfectly average ping for gaming is around 20-50ms. It's important to consider that the lower your ping, the faster your connection and the more competitively you can play.

What is the formula to calculate the ping? ›

This value is calculated by adding up the total amount of milliseconds then dividing that sum by the number of packets that were sent.

Is 40 ms ping good? ›

A good ping speed for gamers is approximately 40ms – 60ms. With toob you can expect to see your ping anywhere between 3 – 6 milliseconds (that's way lower than average!). You can use tools like speedtest.net to test your ping and make sure it's within an acceptable range.

What ping is too high? ›

Generally, a ping of below 20 ms (milliseconds) is considered excellent, between around 40 to 50 ms is great, around 80 to 120 ms is fairly good, and 150 ms and up is considered high. Most people would consider a ping of above 250 ms to be unplayable, especially in competitive games.

What is a successful ping? ›

If a small data packet or echo request travels from the local machine to the remote host and returns to the originating destination as an echo response, then the ping network test is considered successful. Network admins use command prompt to execute the ping utility test.

Is 70 a good ping? ›

Generally, an acceptable latency (or ping) is anywhere around 40 – 60 milliseconds (ms) or lower, while a speed of over 100ms will usually mean a noticeable lag in gaming.

Does 100 ping matter? ›

The best levels to sit at are between 15 and 45ms, but anything up till 100ms is still acceptable. Anything above 100ms can start to make the game unplayable, and can be very detrimental in a fast-paced game. Sometimes, if the ping is too high, games can reject your connection and throw you out of the match.

What is the lowest ping possible? ›

In this case, you'll often see a ping of "<1ms," which is essentially zero. This simply means that your computer can communicate with itself instantly.

Why is my ping not stable? ›

Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is the leading cause of high ping. If your internet speed is too low, your online games will lag. A bad internet connection could be due to a terrible connection from your ISP or inefficient hardware, such as a modem or router.

Is 25 ms ping bad? ›

A ping of up to 100 ms is considered average for most connections. A ping of 50 ms and below is considered very good and deemed “low ping,” with 25 ms and 20 ms being considered ideal for video conferencing and gaming. A ping of 150 ms or more is considered slow and deemed “high ping.”

How bad is 180 ping? ›

180 ping is just fine for pvp (though the lower, the better).

How to ping for 100 times? ›

Windows OS
  1. Hold the Windows key and press the R key to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type cmd and click OK.
  3. Type ping -l 600 -n 100 followed by an external web address that responds to pings. For example: ping -l 600 -n 100 www.google.com.
  4. Press Enter.
Mar 12, 2016

How much is 500 ping? ›

Ping is reported quantitatively as an average time in milliseconds (ms). The lower one's ping is, the lower the latency is and the less lag the player will experience. For a ping of 100ms, it takes 100 miliseconds to finalize a request. While for a ping of 500ms, it takes 500 milliseconds to finalize a request.

How much is 1000 ping in seconds? ›

1 ping represents a delay of 0.001 seconds, and 1000 ping represents a delay of 1 whole second.

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