80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (2023)

Being polite is a good and socially approved way of showing your respect to other people around you. When we talk to each other, we have to follow some basic rules of politeness, otherwise, people would start talking about us as rude and ill-behaved individuals!

However, some of you probably wondered sometimes how you should reply to such a common greeting phrase as “nice to meet you”.

Especially if you have to meet new people often enough due to the specifics of your job.

So when people say nice to meet you, how to respond correctly?

This greeting phrase is a kind of cliche, so some of you might want to make it more varied and consider other, alternative answers instead to not sound like a robot!

This is why, in this article we decided to investigate a bit and we tried to collect as many “nice to meet you” alternatives as possible.

Read on to learn how you should reply when talking to someone in person, and what phrase to use in response when you are communicating with a new person via email.

How Do You Respond to Nice to Meet You?

It may sound weird to some of you, but there are quite many people out there who become clueless and even puzzled when they have to answer to such a common greeting phrase as “nice to meet you”!

You might think that the reason is in the very person whom we have to respond to since not all the people we meet are nice.

However, it often happens that a person gets stuck trying to find a proper answer even if he or she meets the most pleasant and loveliest person in the world! So how should we fix that?

Well, first of all, you need to remember that the way we answer such questions does not only show how well-behaved and polite we are. By giving a smart reply, we can make a good impression of ourselves.

At the same time, with a bad reply, our impression can be badly tarnished!

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This is why we recommend you check out a few ways how to respond to “nice to meet you” best of all. With each of them, you will leave the most positive impression of yourself and make your new friend want to meet you again.

  • You too. Let us try someplace next time!
  • I did, too. We should do this again sometime.
  • Believe me, I wish to say the same to you! It was great fun hanging out with you!
  • Same here. We should meet again sometime.
  • Nice to meet you too. We will surely be in touch.
  • Nice meeting you too. We should meet again in a few weeks.
  • It was nice meeting you too. I would love to meet you again sometime.
  • Thanks so much to you! It was very nice to meet you too. I eagerly look forward to our next meeting!
  • It is a great pleasure to meet you as well. I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
  • Thank you so much! It was a great pleasure meeting you!
  • Thank you so much. It was lovely to meet you.
  • It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too. I wish we could prolong the meeting a bit more.
  • It was a delight to meet you too. You turned out to be a really good company.
  • I am glad to meet you too. Do you want to meet again next weekend, maybe?
  • Thank you so much! It was very nice for me to meet you as well!
  • I am pleased to meet you too. Give me a call whenever you want to do this again.
  • It was lovely to meet you too. I will not forget this meeting anytime soon.
  • I enjoyed your company too. I think this smile would be plastered on my face for the entire day.
  • Yeah, we are definitely on the same page about how nice it was! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
  • Yes, it was. I am glad you enjoyed it. It turned out to be a lucky day indeed.

Formal Responses

  1. “Nice to meet you too. It’s a pleasure to be here.”
  2. “The pleasure is mine.”
  3. “It’s wonderful to make your acquaintance.”
  4. “I’m looking forward to our collaboration.”
  5. “It’s great to finally meet you in person.”
  6. “Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”
  7. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Casual Responses

  1. “Likewise! I’ve heard a lot about you.”
  2. “You too! I’m glad we got the chance to meet.”
  3. “Same here! I’ve been looking forward to this.”
  4. “It’s been great meeting you too.”
  5. “Thank you. It’s nice to meet you too.”
  6. “Back at you! I’ve heard great things about you.”
  7. “You too! I’m excited to get to know you better.”

Friendly Responses

  1. “Nice to meet you too! How’s your day going?”
  2. “You too! What brings you here today?”
  3. “I’m happy we’re getting the chance to chat.”
  4. “It’s great to meet you! What’s your story?”
  5. “Thanks! It’s great to finally put a face to the name.”
  6. “Likewise. Let’s catch up soon!”

In Business or Professional Setting

  1. “Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to our meeting.”
  2. “I appreciate your time today. Nice to meet you too.”
  3. “I’ve heard great things about your work. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  4. “Looking forward to our partnership. Nice meeting you.”
  5. “I’m excited about the opportunity to work together.”

Humorous Responses

  1. “Nice to meet you, too. Are all people here as friendly as you?”
  2. “Well, isn’t this fun! Nice to meet you too.”
  3. “Finally, someone interesting! Nice to meet you too.”

Responses with Questions

  1. “Nice to meet you as well. How do you know the host?”
  2. “Likewise. Have you been here before?”
  3. “Same here. What do you do for a living?”
  4. “You too. Are you from around here?”

Enthusiastic Responses

  1. “I’ve been excited to meet you! Glad we finally have the chance.”
  2. “Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to this.”
  3. “The pleasure is all mine. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Polite Responses

  1. “Thank you. It’s very nice to meet you as well.”
  2. “Likewise. I’m glad we have the opportunity to meet.”
  3. “Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Cordial Responses

  1. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
  2. “I’m glad to have the opportunity to meet you.”

Gracious Responses

  1. “It’s been a pleasure to meet you.”
  2. “Likewise, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

For Networking Events

  1. “I’m thrilled to make this connection.”
  2. “It’s fantastic to meet you, I’ve heard great things.”
  3. “I’m delighted to meet you too. I’ve been looking forward to networking with more people in this field.”

Unique Responses

  1. “The honor is mine.”
  2. “I’m glad our paths have crossed today.”
  3. “It’s always a pleasure to meet someone new.”
  4. “Thank you, I’ve been eager to meet you.”
  5. “What a pleasure to meet you too.”

So, as you can see, there is a whole pack of answers that one can give when being told that someone was glad to meet him or her!

With this many alternative answers, you will easily pick up the one that will be suitable for the particular situation and occasion, since some of these replies sound a bit more formal than others.

Anyway, these replies are better to be used when you are meeting someone in person.

But what if you got to know the person via email, for example? What if it’s your new colleague?

Now, during the pandemic, this is especially relevant since quite many offices and firms work online, and if a new person joins the team, he or she will be introduced online as well!

To solve this puzzle, we suggest you learn what to write back in response if someone whom you have just met online says “nice to meet you”. So, here is how to respond to a nice to meet you email!

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (1)


How to Respond to Nice to Meet You In Email?

You might be a bit embarrassed and confused about how to respond to someone who said nice to meet you online, and this is why.

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When we receive an email that says “nice to meet you”, we most likely don’t know exactly what to write back in response.

We don’t actually shake hands with that person, nor do we make eye contact. So is it correct to use this “nice to meet you” phrase?

Some people have found a clever and witty way out and they reply with “nice to e-meet you” answer.

To a certain point, it can be considered suitable, but only for those of you who communicate online daily and such online greetings are usual things for you and your interlocutors.

But what if it’s not your case? Or, maybe, you feel that answering this way, though still being polite and friendly, sounds and reads a bit old-fashioned because you acknowledge the fact that the meeting is taking place online!

In this case, check out a few alternatives to nice to meet you reply we have prepared for you below!

With their help, you will be able to reply to a common introduction in a more original and definitely less awkward way!

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (2)

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I’ve Heard Great Things About [insert the name]

If your new contact’s reputation precedes him or her (in a good way, of course), it never hurts to let the person know that you have already heard about them.

Like this, you will show that you do care for them, and besides, everyone loves to be recognized and to be some kind of famous!

That’s why this answer is especially useful when you are greeting your new colleague!

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (3)

By acknowledging the other person’s work skills and experience, you make them feel valuable and you start your conversation in a more than positive way!

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80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (4)DON’T SAY 🚫 Nice to Meet You! Learn Native English Conversation | | Go Natural English

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Thanks For the Introduction

This reply actually works two ways. You can make use of it when someone else has introduced you to a new person, for example. You can also use it as a response when someone introduces themselves to you.

Saying “thank you” has been proven to enhance our social bonding — a good thing when you are trying to make new connections!

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (5)

I’m Looking Forward to Working With You

This way of responding is best to be used if you are excited about building a new working relationship with a new person, your colleague, at work. So if this is what you truly feel, go ahead and use this reply!

And if you explain why exactly you feel so excited (you have heard of this person’s achievements and you want to work with such a great professional, etc.), you will make him or her feel valued and respected.

This will surely help you to establish strong and positive social bonds with them!

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (6)

Just Dive Right In

This reply may seem to be somewhat too short and even harsh and emotionless.

But if you are a businessman or a business lady, you know that time values greatly, and so you would rather spend it on making business rather than on empty and useless talks. Even if they are socially polite and approved!

Of course, it is very nice to say something pleasant and polite that will let your new contact know that you are happy to meet them. However, it is also not necessary that much, in fact.

Especially in the business world, where everyone appreciates people who are getting down to business straight away.

Anyway, be careful when using this reply! Before you decide to skip the social nicety, consider the context of your email. If the message is strictly business, for example, then bypassing the “nice to meet you” part could make your email sound a bit too abrupt.

On the other hand, if you have some positive or upbeat things to say, it makes sense to be direct and go straight to the exciting details.

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80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (7)

Nice to Meet You

Seems too simple, right? However, there is nothing wrong in replying with exactly the same phrase. In fact, this is one of those socially acceptable and appreciated things that we hardly ever notice when it is there.

However, this common phrase adds a dash of politeness to your message.

Anyway, if simple “nice to meet you” sounds too much cliched for you, feel free to change it and try one of the following variations instead:

  1. It is great connecting with you
  2. Pleased to meet you
  3. Lovely to meet you
  4. How do you do? (more formal version)
  5. Delighted to make your acquaintance (very formal!)

With these replies, you will easily find the most suitable one that can be used in your particular case. But no matter which of them you choose, you can be sure that your email will sound very polite both if it is a work communication or a more informal one.

80+ Ideas How to Respond to Nice to Meet You? (8)

So, we have shared all that we wanted to share with you today.

Now you know how to reply to “nice to meet you” if the meeting is taking place in person, and what to say to this phrase in response if you received a greeting email.

You also learned a few alternative ways of replying to this greeting if the communication is more of a business matter than casual.

So now we are sure that you will not get puzzled when hearing or reading that “nice to meet you” phrase since you have a lot of optional answers to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is “nice to meet ya” an informal reply?

Yes, it’s a very informal one.

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⭐ Is it ok to say “same to you” when someone says nice to meet you to me?

Yes, but only if it’s a very informal conversation.

⭐ In a business letter/email, is it acceptable to skip the “nice to meet you” part?

Yes, if you know that your interlocutor is ok with that.


How do you reply to nice to meet you? ›

You may like to start by saying "Thank you" asthis is more polite, then: Formal:
  1. Nice to meet you too.
  2. Pleased to meet you too.
  3. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  4. Pleasure to meet you too.
  5. It was nice meeting you too.
  6. The pleasure is mine.
Sep 4, 2019

How do you respond when someone says nice? ›

Make your response genuine and sweet by saying things like this:
  1. "Thanks - that's nice of you to say."
  2. "I appreciate you saying that."
  3. "That's nice to hear."
  4. "That's very sweet."
  5. "You actually just made my day amazing by saying that."

Is nice to meet you a compliment? ›

It is a way to express gratitude towards a person and let them know you appreciate their presence. Telling someone, “nice to meet you” is formal but also laid back and easy going. You are telling someone that meeting them has enhanced your life in one aspect or another.

How do I answer the it was nice to meet you text from a girl? ›

Some of the most common responses from the other person are: Pleasure/nice/glad to meet you, too. It is (very) nice to meet you, too. Likewise.

How do you say it was nice to meet you today? ›

It was a pleasure meeting you” and most other polite English phrases that we use to say “I am happy we met” can be used in both formal and informal situations. There are many ways that we can show others that we are grateful for their time and we are happy to have gained them as an acquaintance.

What does nice to meet you virtually mean? ›

Meeting virtually means conference calls, webinars, video calls, and any type of discussion where you are not in the same room as the person or people you are talking to. Travelling to meet someone face-to-face normally incurs a cost.

How to respond thank you? ›

"You're welcome.", "My pleasure.", "No problem." or "No worries." The first two are more formal and the last two are more informal.

What does but nice to meet you mean? ›

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnice to meet younice to meet youused as a friendly greeting when you meet someone for the first time Hello. It's nice to meet you at last.

What do you say when a guy wants to meet you? ›

You can say something like:
  • "Yes, I'd love to."
  • "Definitely, that sounds great!"
  • "Yes, it's a date!"
  • "Of course I would."
  • "Sure, what do you want to do?"
  • "That sounds fun!"


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