50 Cent Gets Real About Dr.Dre, Eminem, Cardi B, ‘Power’ Vs. ‘Empire’ Beef & More | Billboard Cover (2023)


50 cent opens up about and gets real about working with Dr.Dre, praises his frequent collaborator and friend Eminem, shares his thoughts on Cardi B, music industry and 'Power' vs. 'Empire' beef.

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50 Cent Gets Real About Dr.Dre, Eminem, Cardi B, ‘Power’ Vs. ‘Empire’ Beef & More | Billboard Cover



When I fell in love with it, it was only on the radio for one hour and I had to take the cassette tape and put tissue in the back of the cassette tape.

So I could re-record over some stuff.

My grandmother recorded and capture that one hour that they played on the radio.

And now it's everywhere, it's your birthday, I learned more from watching them than talking to them.


Success is also connected to his relationships.

Cause I would make music I don't care.

If I wrote a song that sounded like it belonged in the King James version of the Bible and Jesus Christ, Anointed, The, Music Jimmy would listen to the record and go.

This is great.

This is great just go across the street Detroit trust me.

And what it would do is the material that I had that was really exciting.

I would play it, and then Trey would get excited.

And then he would give me the hottest thing that he had at that point, because you don't want to be on the record and just be a Dre beat on that album.

You want to be the best record every time he's making a record blowing moving say, anything that you think could be compatible to Eminem.

I know, you sold over like 90 million records there's, nobody that you can look at.

And you can point to and say that it's equivalent he's the bridge culturally for hip-hop culture to lose this color for everybody to feel like they want to participate and be a part of it.

No Eminem, No rolls, royces and Ferraris for these things you see do you see what I'm saying to you now, they won't be able to earn the same amount of money off the projects that they have going on, because it wouldn't be that many consumers of it.

So when they would look and go, oh, why he sell more records than the rest of? Oh cause he's white, you know what I'm saying and you look, and you say, What's, the difference between the projects in the trailer park that ain't much difference bro.

And this is why coach really it makes sense that it get into the same things.

And then when you're authentic, and you actually come on that Journey that way bro you could get whoever you think is the best put them in the room with when I'm doing 13 million records The, Marshall, Mathers LP is doing 23 minute, right? So I'm always clear that there's room for growth.

Thank you artists would feel like they made it when they got the deal, because you had to earn the right to have the deal everybody's in the business.

If you got a microphone connected to his laptop, and he got a Beat from YouTube, and he paid for the beat.

And he recorded this song last night and it's on iTunes now, he's in the music business, he said, I'm, saying, like they meet the audience before they meet the record company now so there's, no audience development.

So if you look at the music business, right now, it's, why you don't see any groups? The last thing we have is the Amigos, and you look where's the r b group so r, b, groups that took artist development, not all of them was right with each other.

They had to be put together for that to take place and that development is not there.

So those people are creating solo projects.

Instead of working together, McCarty came he's dope because she's from the bottom unless Brooklyn like from that.

And you actually go make a hit record, I, don't know, anybody who wouldn't like to see that I felt like she got everything that year got married got the baby everything really fast.

It came and I'm like that's.

What the coaching needs for people to see the dream happen, that's, the American dream right there.

If you carry that much of the energy from the street into music culture, then expect [, __ ] that happens to the street that happened in musicals it's.

Why we get more hip-hop homicides, I did a series on WE TV.

If I apologizing since the show went into production there's a whole new season of fresh cases that you could do for next season.

But as we've grown and expanded at the same time, it's been getting a lot more casualties and more things are taking place it's about going back into the environments that we come from.

We don't want to be new people just want to be the people we are in a better situation you could look at it like you're, just going home.

You want to go back to the neighborhood chill and see just the energy and the environment now that you made it.

You want to, you know, but the people that's there that didn't, the one I'm blessed with the same success.

Some of them feel like you just came back to show them what they don't have when we hit the bullseye with power up.

The targeted audience is very rare that you get the entire audience, excited and I'm, looking going Fox.

They hit the bullseye behind us for Empire like right after but this because on Fox network, they were going to offer the PG-13 version of the story that was offering because it's network television.

Well, I can be R-rated and give them a more graphic heightened sense of experience I knew that that would eventually Prevail over what they was doing, but I I would say, uh, they're, still my because they said, Empires are built on power, that's, good marketing because I'm at a disadvantage of not having a finances to Market on the same level.

We gotta have a problem so that's where the beef comes from I, love, Taraji, P, Henson, I think, she's.

Amazing, um, Terrence Howard was my co-star in the first film that I worked in, you know.

So of course, I wanted to see the show be successful I get the attention that I want from music culture when I want it like I said, I just went out and I did 45 countries everywhere.

It's all out that is like to me, I feel like I want to do something new and offer new music that I can integrate into everything else now, but I think I did it what I wanted to do.


Did Dr. Dre find 50 Cent? ›

Together, they produced Eminem's breakout album, "The Slim Shady LP," which won multiple Grammy Awards. 50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, was another artist who was discovered by Dr. Dre. Dre heard 50 Cent's music and was impressed by his talent.

Did Eminem like 50 Cent? ›

“Oh, Fifty just loves Eminem so much!” Yeah, I love him to death, I do. I love him to death. But I am looking at it and I am saying, why would people be interested in it enough to consume it without it being marketed to them directly for them to feel like they are part of it?

Are 50 Cent and Dr. Dre friends? ›

In a new Instagram post, 50 Cent has shared old footage of him alongside Eminem and Dr Dre, looking back fondly upon their friendship. The three rappers were the figureheads of hip-hop during the early 2000s, and rather than fight each other, they were proudly on the same page.

Did 50 Cent discover Eminem? ›

In 2002, after 50 Cent released the mixtape Guess Who's Back? he was discovered by Eminem and signed to Shady Records, under the aegis of Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

Who did 50 Cent apologize to? ›

During a radio interview with REAL 92.3's Big Boy, the Queens rapper admitted he needed to apologize to the Houston rapper because he was caught up in inaccurate social media reports about what happened. “I'm gonna apologize to Megan Thee Stallion,” 50 told Big Boy. “I said some things, and it was because…

Is 50 Cent still signed to Shady Records? ›

On February 20, 2014, 50 Cent announced he left Interscope Records, which included his deal with Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment, in which he is now signed to Caroline Records.

Who are Eminem's closest friends? ›

Most Eminem fans know that DeShaun Holton AKA Proof was Eminem's bestie.

Who is Eminem married to? ›

Are Dre and Eminem friends? ›

The pair have remained close friends — Eminem still releases his albums via Aftermath — and with more than 20 years of hindsight, Dre explained how he's still making sense of the Slim Shady phenomenon.

Why is 50 Cent so loyal to Eminem? ›

“I have so much value for him, not just in my career, just in my life,” he told Music Choice in 2014. “He's a guy that's one of my best friends because I can trust that he's gonna be honest in his constructive criticism.” He also touted Em's skills as an MC. “Hip-hop is Black music, without question.

Who is the best friend of Dr Dre? ›

Dre has achieved for himself, and for all the status and reverence he commands in hip-hop circles, his unique friendship with Eminem still remains one of the best and most fascinating aspects of his story.

Which rapper discovered Eminem? ›

Dre found the young rapper a beat, and Em began spitting right away, applying lyrics to what would eventually become 'The Real Slim Shady'.

Why is Eminem so rich? ›

Eminem has a $230 million net worth. With more than 170 million recordings sold over his career, he is one of the best-selling performers of all time. His records and the albums of musicians that are signed to his company, Shady Records, have brought him millions of dollars.

What happened to 50 Cent headphones? ›

Updated! SMS Audio has suspended operations, a former company executive confirmed. The headphones manufacturer, helmed by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, no longer has an operating website, and it has not posted to Facebook or Twitter since April.

What happened to the real 50 Cent? ›

The nickname may also be an allusion to his small stature—he weighed only 120 pounds (54 kg), and his height was 5'2" (157 cm). On October 20, 1987, Martin was shot in the stairway of his girlfriend's building in the Albany Houses of Crown Heights, dying at Kings County Hospital four days later.

Was 50 Cent involved in an accident? ›

It's 50's most major injury since he was shot at nine times in May 2000. He was approached by a gunman while sitting in a car outside his grandmother's former home in South Jamaica, Queens. Bullets hit his hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest, and left cheek.

Did Master P help 50 Cent? ›

While he didn't discuss the specifics of their arrangement, Master P detailed bankrolling 50's first tour following the success of his 2002 single “Wanksta” during an interview with VLAD TV in 2014. “To be honest with you, I was the first one to put 50 Cent on tour. I paid for his tour. His first tour,” Master P said.

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