315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (2023)

Deciding on the right baby name is no easy task. Imagine if you could find the perfect baby boy name that also has an awesome nickname!

Maybe you’re searching for a cool nickname for boy names that you already have on your list. Maybe you want to find some general boy nicknames that are common or unique. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, you’ll find long boy names with nicknames, short and cute boy nicknames that would work great as first names, and a popular nicknames for boys list at the end.

Not sure if you’re having a girl? Check out this list of girl names with cute nicknames!

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (1)

First Names With Nicknames For Boys

Including their “meanings”

The meanings on this nickname for boys list were researched by using websites like BabyCenter. It’s important to note that some names can have several meanings in different languages.

Here are 200 baby boy names with nicknames:


  • Aaron “exalted; strong”

    Nicknames: Air, Ron

  • Abraham “father of the nation”

    Nicknames: Abe, Abram, Bram

  • Albert “noble; bright; famous”

    Nicknames: Albie, Bert, Bertie

  • Alberto “noble; bright; famous”

    Nicknames: Al, Albie, Albert, Bert, Bertie

  • Alexander “warrior”

    Nicknames: Alex, Xander, Alec, Lex

  • Alfred “elf; counsel”

    Nicknames: Alfie, Fred

  • Alistair “defending men” - Alistair is also on our list of old fashioned boys names

    Nicknames: Ali, Al

  • Ambrose “immortal”

    Nicknames: Brody, Ames, Brose, Bo

  • Andre “man; warrior”

    Nickname: Andy, Dre

  • Andrew “strong and manly”

    Nicknames: Andy, Drew

  • Angelo “messenger”

    Nicknames: Ang, Angel

  • Angus “one strength”

    Nickname: Gus

  • Anthony “priceless one” - Anthony is also on our list of black boy baby names

    Nicknames: Tony, Ant, Nino

  • Antonio “priceless”

    Nicknames: Ant, Tony, Nino, Tonio

  • Archer “bowman”

    Nicknames: Arch, Archie

  • Armando “army man”

    Nicknames: Arman, Armani

  • Arthur “bear”

    Nicknames: Art, Artie

  • Asher “happy; blessed”

    Nickname: Ash

  • Ashton “ash tree town” - Ashton is also on our list of green names for boys

    Nicknames: Ash, Asher

  • Atticus “belonging to Attica”

    Nicknames: Att, Atty, Gus

  • Augustus “great; magnificent”

    Nicknames: Gus, August, Auggie

  • Axel “father is peace”

    Nickname: Ax


  • Barnabas “son of consolation”

    Nickname: Barney

  • Baron “young warrior”

    Nicknames: Barr, Barry

  • Bastian “man of Sebastia”

    Nickname: Bas

  • Beckett “beehive”

    Nicknames: Beck, Becks

  • Benedict “the blessed one” - Benedict is also on our list of blessing names for boys

    Nickname: Ben

  • Benjamin “son of the right hand”

    Nicknames: Ben, Benji, Benny

  • Bennett “blessed”

    Nicknames: Ben, Benny

  • Benson “son of Ben”

    Nicknames: Ben, Benny

  • Brandon “fiery hill”

    Nicknames: Bran, Don, Brando, Donnie

  • Brantley “sword; fiery torch”

    Nicknames: Brant, Lee, Bran

  • Brayden “brave; wise”

    Nicknames: Brady, Ayden

  • Braxton “Brock’s town”

    Nickname: Brax

  • Brendan “prince”

    Nicknames: Bren, Brenny

  • Brennan “sorrow”

    Nicknames: Bren, Brenny

  • Broderick “brother”

    Nicknames: Bo, Bro, Brody, Derick

  • Bronson “son of a dark man”

    Nicknames: Bron, Bronnie

  • Bryson “son of Brice”

    Nicknames: Bryce, Bry

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (2)


  • Caden “fighter”

    Nickname: Cade

  • Caleb “devotion to God”

    Nicknames: Cal, Cale

  • Callahan “bright-headed”

    Nickname: Cal

  • Calvin “little bald one”

    Nickname: Cal

  • Camden “from the valley of the camps”

    Nicknames: Cam, Cammy

  • Cameron “crooked nose”

    Nicknames: Cam, Cammy

  • Carmelo “orchard”

    Nicknames: Carm, Carl

  • Carter “transporter of goods by cart”

    Nicknames: Car, Art, Cart, Cary

  • Casey “vigilant”

    Nicknames: Cay, Case, Ace

  • Cassius “vain”

    Nickname: Cass

  • Charles “free man” - Charles is also on our list of first and middle name combinations

    Nicknames: Chuck, Charley, Chaz - Chaz is also on our list of 4 letter names for boys

  • Christian “follower of Christ”

    Nicknames: Chris, Ian

  • Christopher “bearer of Christ”

    Nicknames: Chris, Kit

  • Clayton “mortal”

    Nickname: Clay

  • Clifton “town by the cliff”

    Nickname: Cliff

  • Colton “swarthy person”

    Nickname: Colt

  • Connor “wise”

    Nickname: Con

  • Corbin “raven”

    Nicknames: Cory, Cobe


  • Damien “to tame”

    Nicknames: Dame, Dom, Ian

  • Daniel “God is my judge”

    Nicknames: Dan, Danny

  • Dashiell “page boy”

    Nickname: Dash

  • David “beloved”

    Nicknames: Dave, Davey

  • Daxton “town; settlement”

    Nickname: Dax

  • Declan “full of goodness”

    Nicknames: Dec, Len, Dex

  • Desiderio “desire”

    Nickname: Dezi

  • Desmond “man from South Munster”

    Nicknames: Des, Desi

  • Dexter “right-handed; fortunate”

    Nickname: Dex

  • Dimitry “dedicated to”

    Nicknames: Dimi, Tri

  • Dominic “belonging to God”

    Nicknames: Dom, Nic

  • Donovan “little brown one”

    Nicknames: Don, Donny


  • Edward “wealth”

    Nicknames: Eddie, Ed, Ned

  • Edwardo “wealthy guard”

    Nicknames: Edward, Eddie, Ed - Edward is also on our list of names meaning defender or guardian

  • Elijah “Jehovah is my God”

    Nickname: Eli

    RELATED: Elijah Middle Names

  • Elliot “Lord is my God”

    Nickname: Eli

  • Emerson “brave”

    Nickname: Emery

  • Emmanuel “God is with us”

    Nickname: Manny

  • Erikson “son of Erik”

    Nicknames: Erik, Rick

  • Evander “good man”

    Nicknames: Evan, Van, Vander

  • Everett “brave as a wild boar”

    Nicknames: Rhett, Ev

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (3)


  • Finley “blond warrior”

    Nickname: Finn

  • Finnegan “fair”

    Nicknames: Finn, Finny

  • Francis “Frenchman”

    Nickname: Frank

  • Franklin “free landholder”

    Nickname: Frank

  • Frederick “peace; power”

    Nicknames: Freddie, Fred


  • Gabriel “God is my strength”

    Nickname: Gabe

  • Gideon “one who cuts down”

    Nicknames: Deon, Ian

  • Gordon “great hill”

    Nickname: Gordie

  • Gregory “watchful; alert”

    Nickname: Greg

  • Greyson “son of the grey-haired man”

    Nickname: Grey

  • Gustave “staff of God”

    Nickname: Gus - Gus is also on our list of three letter male names


  • Harold “army ruler”

    Nicknames: Hal, Harry

  • Harrison “son of Harry”

    Nickname: Harry

  • Hayden “hedged valley”

    Nickname: Hayes

  • Henderson “son of Henry”

    Nickname: Henry

  • Henley “high meadow”

    Nicknames: Hen, Lee

  • Henry “house ruler”

    Nicknames: Hal, Hank, Harry

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (4)


  • Isaac “one who laughs”

    Nicknames: Ike, Izzy

  • Isaiah “God saves”

    Nicknames: Zay, Ike


  • Jackson “son of Jack”

    Nicknames: Jack, Jax, Jace

  • Jacob “supplanter” - Jacob is also on our list of handsome male names

    Nickname: Jake

  • James “supplanter”

    Nicknames: Jamie, Jim, Jimmy, Jay

  • Jameson “son of James”

    Nicknames: James, Jamie

  • Jason “healer”

    Nicknames: Jace, Jay

  • Jaxon “son of Jack”

    Nickname: Jax

  • Jayden “thankful”

    Nicknames: Jay, Ayden, Jayde

  • Jebediah “friend of God”

    Nickname: Jeb

  • Jefferson “son of Jeffrey”

    Nicknames: Jeff, Jeffrey

  • Jeffrey “divine peace”

    Nickname: Jeff

  • Jerald “rule of the spear”

    Nickname: Jerry

  • Jeremiah “God will uplift”

    Nicknames: Jem, Jerry, Jeremy

  • Jeremy “lifted up or exalted by God”

    Nicknames: Jem, Jerry

  • John “graced by God”

    Nickname: Jack

  • Johnathan “gift of God” - Johnathan is also on our list of baby names meaning gift from God

    Nicknames: John, Johnny, Nathan, Jack

  • Jordan “to flow down”

    Nickname: Jordy

  • Joseph “he will add”

    Nicknames: Joe, Joey

  • Joshua “God is deliverance”

    Nicknames: Josh, Jo, Joss

  • Josiah “God supports and heals”

    Nicknames: Joe, Joey, Si, Siah

  • Julian “downy; youthful”

    Nicknames: Jude, Lee

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (5)


  • Kaleb “dog; brave”

    Nickname: Kale

  • Kamden “winding valley”

    Nicknames: Kam, Amden

  • Kasey “alert; vigorous”

    Nickname: Kasey

  • Keegan “small flame; ardent”

    Nickname: Key

  • Kendrick “greatest champion”

    Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Rick, Ricky

  • Kenneth “handsome”

    Nicknames: Ken, Kenny

  • Kyler “church”

    Nicknames: Ky, Kyle


  • Landon “long hill”

    Nicknames: Land, Lando

  • Lawrence “from Laurentium”

    Nicknames: Larry, Rory, Ren

  • Leonardo “brave as a lion”

    Nicknames: Leo, Leon, Len, Lenny

  • Lester “from Leicester”

    Nickname: Les

  • Levi “joined in harmony”

    Nickname: Lev

  • Lewis “famous warrior”

    Nickname: Lew

  • Lincoln “from the lake settlement”

    Nickname: Linc

  • Lionel “the little lion”

    Nickname: Leo

  • Logan “little hollow”

    Nicknames: Lo, Logie

  • Lorenzo “from Laurentum”

    Nicknames: Enzo, Larry

  • Louis “famous warrior”

    Nickname: Louie

  • Lucas “bringer of light”

    Nicknames: Luke, Luca

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315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (6)


  • Malcolm “devotee of Saint Columba”

    Nicknames: Mac, Cole

  • Marcus “dedicated to Mars”

    Nickname: Marc

  • Martin “god of war”

    Nickname: Marty

  • Mason “stoneworker”

    Nickname: Mase

  • Matthew “gift of God”

    Nicknames: Matt, Matty

  • Maximus “greatest”

    Nickname: Max

  • Maxwell “great stream”

    Nickname: Max

  • McAllister “son of Alasdair”

    Nickname: Max

  • McCoy “fire”

    Nickname: Mac

  • McKay “fire”

    Nickname: Mac

  • Merrick “fame”

    Nicknames: Mer, Rick, Ricky

  • Michael “who is like God”

    Nicknames: Mick, Mike, Mikey, Mickey

  • Miles “soldier”

    Nickname: Milo

  • Mitchell “big”

    Nicknames: Mitch, Mick

  • Morris “swarthy”

    Nickname: Moe

  • Moses “son”

    Nickname: Moe


  • Nathaniel “given by God”

    Nicknames: Nathan, Nate, Nat

  • Nelson “son of Nell”

    Nicknames: Neil, Nelly

  • Nicholas “victory of the people”

    Nicknames: Nick, Nicky, Nico

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (7)


  • Oakley “the oak tree field”

    Nicknames: Oak, Lee

  • Oliver “ancestor’s descendants”

    Nicknames: Levi, Olly

    RELATED: Oliver Middle Names

  • Orlando “famous land”

    Nicknames: Orly, Lanny

  • Osmond “God; protector”

    Nicknames: Oz, Ozzie


  • Paddington “the estate of Padda”

    Nickname: Paddy

  • Patrick “nobleman”

    Nicknames: Patrick, Paddy

  • Paxton “peace town”

    Nickname: Pax

  • Peter “stone; rock”

    Nicknames: Pete, Petey

  • Philip “friend of horses”

    Nicknames: Phil, Philly, Pip

  • Preston “village with a priest”

    Nicknames: Pres, Ron

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (8)


  • Raphael “God has healed”

    Nicknames: Rafe, Ralph

  • Raymond “wise protector”

    Nicknames: Ray, Mondo

  • Reginald “counsel power”

    Nicknames: Reg, Reggie

  • Remington “settlement”

    Nicknames: Remi, Rem

  • Renly “clearing a meadow”

    Nicknames: Ren, Lee

  • Richard “powerful”

    Nicknames: Rich, Rick, Ricky, Dick

  • Robert “bright fame”

    Nicknames: Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobby, Bert

  • Roscoe “deer forest”

    Nickname: Ross

  • Russell “redhead”

    Nicknames: Russ, Rusty - Rusty is also on our list of orange color names


  • Samuel “God has heard”

    Nicknames: Sam, Sammy

  • Santiago “supplanter”

    Nicknames: Sant, Tigo

  • Sebastian “venerable”

    Nicknames: Ash, Ashton, Bass, Bastian

  • Spencer “steward”

    Nicknames: Spence, Spenny

  • Stanley “stony meadow”

    Nicknames: Stan, Lee

  • Steven “crown”

    Nicknames: Steve, Stevie

  • Sullivan “dark eyes”

    Nickname: Sully

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (9)


  • Tatum “Tate’s homestead”

    Nicknames: Tay, Tate

  • Terrance “smooth”

    Nicknames: Terry, Trace

  • Theodore “gift of God”

    Nicknames: Theo, Ted, Teddy

  • Thomas “twin”

    Nicknames: Tom, Tommy

  • Timothy “God’s honor”

    Nicknames: Tim, Timmy

  • Tobias “God is good”

    Nickname: Toby

  • Trenton “trespasser”

    Nicknames: Trent, Rent

  • Trevor “from the large village”

    Nicknames: Trey, Trev

  • Tristan “sorrowful”

    Nicknames: Tris, Stan


  • Ulysses “wrathful”

    Nicknames: Uly, Lys


  • Victor “conqueror”

    Nickname: Vic

  • Vincent “conquering”

    Nicknames: Vince, Vinny

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (10)


  • Wesley “west meadow”

    Nicknames: Wes, Lee

  • Weston “western town”

    Nicknames: Wes, West

  • William “strong-willed warrior”

    Nicknames: Bill, Will, Billy, Liam

  • Wilson “son of Will”

    Nicknames: Will, Willy

  • Wynston “friend; town”

    Nickname: Wyn


  • Zachariah “God remembers”

    Nicknames: Zach, Zachery

  • Zachary “God remembers”

    Nicknames: Zack, Zee

315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (11)

Boys Nicknames List

Next up is our list of common, unique, or funny boy nicknames. These are just nicknames names that you could call your baby boy. They aren’t necessarily short for their actual first name, they are just fun monikers to use.

Here are 115 fun nicknames for boys:

  • Ace

  • Alpha

  • Angel eyes

  • Baby

  • Baby Bear

  • Baby Boy

  • Baby Bro

  • Baby Cheeks

  • Baby Face

  • Bambino

  • Beanstalk

  • Big Bear

  • Big Boy

  • Big Dude

  • Big Guy

  • Big Man

  • BooBoo

  • Bubba

  • Bubbles

  • Bucky

  • Buddy

  • Buster

  • Buzz

  • Captain

  • Champ

  • Chico

  • Chief

  • Chip

  • Cowboy

  • Cuddle Bug

  • Cutie Patootie

  • Cutie Pie

  • Dash

  • Dearie

  • Dimples

  • Doodle

  • Doofy

  • Duckling

  • Dumpling

  • Funnyman

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

  • Giggles

  • Goofball

  • Handsome

  • Hatchling

  • Honey

  • Honey Bear

  • Honey Bunch

  • Hug-a-bug

  • Itty Bitty

  • Junior

  • Kid

  • Kiddo

  • Laddie

  • Lamb

  • Little Bro

  • Little Dude

  • Little Guy

  • Little Lamb

  • Little Man

  • Meatball

  • Mini-Me

  • Mister

  • Monkey

  • Mountain

  • Munchkin

  • Nugget

  • Peanut

  • Pickle

  • Pork Chop

  • Prince

  • Puddin’

  • Pumpkin

  • Punk

  • Pup

  • Rabbit

  • Ranger

  • Rocket

  • Slugger

  • Smalls

  • Smidget

  • Smiley

  • Smooches

  • Snookums

  • Snug-a-bug

  • Soldier

  • Sonny Boy

  • Sparky

  • Sprinkles

  • Squints

  • Squirt

  • Squishy

  • Sticks

  • Stinker

  • Stinker

  • Stud

  • Sugar

  • Sunny

  • Sunshine

  • Sweet Boy

  • Sweet One

  • Sweet Pea

  • Sweetie

  • Sweetie Pie

  • Tadpole

  • Tater Tot

  • Tiger

  • Titan

  • Tootsie Pop

  • Tornado

  • Turbo

  • Twinkle

  • Wiggle Worm

  • Wise Guy

  • Zippy

Now that you’ve gone through these names with nicknames for baby boys, I hope you found some to add to your list! Not sure if you’re having a girl or boy? Here are more baby name posts to consider, including middle name lists!


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315 Cool Nicknames For Boy Names (With Meanings) (12)

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